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Boon TV

We are so excited about being part of Boon TV, we are giving you a month’s free experience of sessions – some are live some are from the past FitCamps World events. Just click on this link

Please note: You will be asked for details and no money is taken from your payment details. If you love this experience you have the opportunity to join for 3 months at £10 a month and thereafter a loyalty pass.

Please note you can cancel at any time.

Our Summer Live programme is being scheduled now for either July or August. Starting July 1st.

Go and visit the TV platform to see the scheduled live classes coming soon!

FitCamps World TV on Boon TV

Since FitCamps World was launched online with over 165,000 active views in 5 fantastic events. Request for weekly events the natural progression was FitCamps World to be part of Boon TV.

Now on Boon FitCamps World TV you can enjoy great music to motivate and move you as you exercise or unwind and relax. With fantastic presenters and Brands from around the world in diverse sessions.

At any time of the day or night, enjoy a workout or relaxation body restoring session to rev up for the day or unwind at night. Vital in these anxious/ stressful times, simply choose a session from our extensive library.

You can simply pay per class or if you want amazing value take a membership that suits you at our discount offer for 3 months. Plus if it suits you join in our lives around the world so we can interact with you.

Each week we will be adding live sessions into the memberships, plus watch out for our themed event weeks from time to time.

Enjoy and thank you for joining us xx
Yours in fitness and health
Lydia Campbell