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FitCamps Training Workshops

FitCamps provides instructors and PTs the opportunity to train in one of the latest fitness concepts. This year we are hosting a wide variety of training concepts from pre-convention Thursday 8th November to post-convention Sunday 11th November. All training modules cost extra. To book, and for more details, you need to contact the company of your choice directly. Taking a training module workshop at FitCamps will make your weekend breakaway tax deductible.

trigger point pilates2

Trigger Point Pilates Instructor Matwork Training – Lydia Campbell

Trigger Point Pilates matwork is the only fascia release based class around created by functional Pilates expert and integrated Myofascia sports therapist, Lydia Campbell. She launched the training to help chronic pain conditions to restorative bodywork taking the clinic to the studio floor. There is nothing like TPP and it is not about extreme yoga positions or the usual Pilates matwork. Fascia release is not about hard exercises. Yet the results one gets from a class are amazing. There are now over 475 instructors, trained in 3 years, with classes popping up everywhere. The training is ideal for Pilates, Yoga, PTs and therapists to train to be a TPP Instructor.

Thursday 8th November

9.30 am – 4.00 pm

(Home study involved before coming to training day)


Eric Franklin Instructor Workshop:
Fascia Targeted Franklin Method™
for the Spine and Pelvis.

This is a state of the art workshop is for anyone one who wants to feel more flexible, relaxed and balanced in their lower back and pelvis. The main focus will be embodying Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery (DNI) – “The Franklin Method”– into a variety of exercises for the lower back.

Friday 9th November

9.30am – 12.30pm

(Registration: 9.00am, Course starts: 9.30am)


Cross Cardio – Jairo Junior

Enter the world of CROSS CARDIO teaching an introductory training workshop to start you on the way. Cross Cardio is one of the fastest growing new teaching concepts in Europe.

Friday 9th November

9.00am – 6.00pm

vibeatz 400

ViBeatz Instructor Training – Lisa Brockwell

ViBeatz – Lisa B is a mega mix flow class of Dance, HIIT, Core and Yoga. All in one class ideal for a complete mind body training. For more details and to book email

Friday 9th November

1.30pm – 8.00pm

(there is an afternoon break to enjoy FitCamps)

agua float concepts 400

Aqua Float Concepts Instructor Training with Sunny Singh

Do not miss this opportunity to train as an Aqua Float Instructor. The aqua class above the water using large floating aqua mats. Fantastic training to strengthen the core, legs and butt. Amazing for balance, this training that will enhance neuro fascia body awareness.
To book, call or text Sunny Singh: tel: 07957 789265

Friday 9th November

9.00am – 4.00pm

BarreBeats 400

Barre Beats Instructor Training with Naomi Di Fabio

We have Barre, now try BarreBeats – A ballet and Pilates inspired class set to a pumping playlist, no ballet experience required – with creator Naomi Di Fabio of VeraFlow.

Sunday 11th November

12.00am – 6.00pm

(registration from 11.30am)